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Buddy & Ted's Foodie Helpers

Buddy & Ted are lucky to have lots of talented friends to help bring you our retreats. 

Lizzie Clark 

Cake Designer & Chef | Lizzie’s Kitchen


T. 07837114815

IG. @Lizzieskitchen21

FB. @Lizzieskitchen

Buddy & Ted are delighted to have local creative Cake Designer & Chef, Lizzie Clark, on our team of helpers. Lizzie is a fully qualified Chef and Baker after graduating from the University of West London in 2017 with a first class honours degree in Culinary Arts Management (BSc). Lizzie has been living in Somerset for 2 years, expanding her career and developing her own business, ‘Lizzie’s Kitchen’, as well as working in some popular local cafes.

Lizzie runs Lizzie’s Kitchen from her home designing and making bespoke wedding, birthday and celebration cakes each made to her client’s individual specifications. Creating a cake for the most important day of someone’s life demonstrates a great level of trust between cake designer and client and the results always give Lizzie a great sense of satisfaction. Lizzie also caters for parties and outdoor summer events making delicious salads and side dishes to compliment any feast.

Lizzie has a great passion for fitness, well-being and living a balanced lifestyle. After joining a gym Lizzie was offered the opportunity to chef for an international fitness retreat providing nutritious, delicious and wholesome food for the guests. From this Lizzie’s passion for healthy food has grown, yet she still believes that there is room for a little treat in everyone’s diet... such as cake!

Interesting facts:

Lizzie has a gorgeous cocker spaniel called Islay who is friends with Buddy & Ted.

Lizzie and Hannah met in a small café in Somerset where Lizzie works, and Hannah is a regular. During a conversation it was discovered that Lizzie and Hannah attended the same high school in Lincolnshire (albeit nearly 20 years apart!) and they were taught by the same Home Economics teacher!

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